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Technical Analysis Concept

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Why aren’t we going for carbon frames.

Today we shocked the MTB world by saying that the whole carbon process is unethical.

Last year here at Pole Bicycles, we announced that we would go carbon just like the rest of the mountain biking industry. So, after 2 hard years of developing our frame sets with two researches and one master’s degree in engineering, we were 90% ready and all that was left was to find a suitable factory in China where the production would take place… It turned out to be a heavy hit and a shock to us at Pole when we flew into China and discovered the inner workings of carbon frame production.

Before you read this article you should first understand what many people misunderstood:

  1. We are not going to save the world.
  2. We do not want to create more jobs.
  3. The world has bigger problems than carbon frames.
What we want to say is:
  1. We want to move forward in the world to a better future.
  2. We think that working in certain factories, is not for humans.
  3. Everything you do has an effect on the world. We want to minimize the negative effect.

From riders to…

Yeah right, “from riders to riders”. That phrase have been said so many times that it almost does not mean anything. But really, how do you measure this and what’s the definition of that phrase. I personally literally bleed for the sport every now and then. Yes, we ride bikes but so does the others. The idea of All Best Bicycles is to make bikes for our liking and around our passion. The passion is in the sport but the passion is also in our values. We value simplicity and fairness. We want to share the passion through our products without nonsense marketing. We are not thinking about market segments or market shares. Our customers are those who share our values and wants to ride with something extraordinary. Our business is products that are exiting. Our driving force is a passion to create something new and wonderful. Pole is breaking the boundaries of mountain biking by evolving fast. We have already introduced the sport to a new concept of riding bikes with only one concept. Our suspension layout is different from others and all together with our new school geometry concept the bikes are fascinating people all over the planet. Our sales have peaked up since we introduced SLR and CLX and we are just in the beginning of introducing new innovations to mountain biking. Our values stand in Scandinavian culture where we respect the nature and people. We believe in openness and speaking the truth. Our dearest companions on our journey are science and arts. WE hope that you understand the story behind this decision that this decision comes straight from our hearts.
Back here in the West, we have been taught to enjoy our lives by getting more stuff. There are malls that are like amusement parks to spend money on cheap products. In Finland, this culture is not very common but this unfortunately seems to be the exception to the rule. People who purchase cheap stuff don’t seem to care or know if the lithium in their cell phone battery is acquired by killing people in Tibet or the clothes they purchase are made by children in sweatshops, they simply want cheap products but as we have just demonstrated this comes at a high price in the long run for us all.

The big picture.