Rims Production

Rims Production

All Best Carbon Rims Production Technology

lightcarbon rims produce technology

We use Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber and cut The carbon fiber cloth into strips to prepare the preform of the Carbon rims

lightcarbon design and layup technology

carbon rims forming machine

After the rims pre-molding then put into the high-temperature press molding table, wait for the specified time to complete the rims molding

lightcarbon rims production workshop

All Best carbon bicycle rims production workshop

scan the carbon rims serial number labels

Scan the serial number label and apply on the carbon rims slot for tracking and record when rims are produced. This label also was proof for warranty and replacement

rims roundness tolerance check machine

Use the auto machine check the carbon rims roundness and production system to tracking each rims weight was reach the standard

Finally, according to the customers order rims spec to arrange for packed and prepare for release the rims.